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As soon as clients walk through the door, the appearance of your commercial flooring make a statement about your business. What do you think they are saying? Make sure that your environment is sending a positive and welcoming message! Your best bet is to contract with Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC for your commercial floor cleaning services. Our reputation precedes us.

Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC, is a floor cleaning company with experience cleaning floors in all types of commercial facilities. Whether you have regular problems with ground-in soil on a hard surface, or whether you need stain removal services for your carpets, we will get the job done efficiently. Regardless of whether you welcome customers or employees whose feet track scuffs and stains, we will go the extra mile to make your floors shine.

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Commercial Cleaning Services for Any Facility

At Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC, we bring you our experience cleaning floors in all types of buildings, either hard surface or carpeted. Our well-trained team offers commercial floor cleaning services in the following kinds of facilities:

services in the following kinds of facilities:

  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Government facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Car dealerships

Our comprehensive commercial floor service can help prevent hazards that often accompany dirty floors–especially the removal of liquid, grime, and debris to prevent slip-and-fall incidents. We will keep your floors protected and consistently clean with our professional floor care regimen. 

The floor-cleaning team at Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC is experienced in caring for floors in a range of large and small businesses, institutions, and organizations. With guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, we communicate with you before we start working to make sure that we always meet and exceed your expectations. Our team will come to your facility and inspect your surfaces to better understand your needs. 

Industrial Floor Cleaning Services

Our team of floor cleaners will treat carpets as well as any hard surface in your commercial facility. We have experience polishing all types of floors, including:

  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl composition tile (VCT)
  • Laminate
  • Asphalt
  • Ceramic
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber
  • Carpet

 Many businesses choose vinyl floors because of their exceptional durability. Vinyl flooring can require specialized commercial cleaning. We offer our commercial vinyl floor cleaning services for all kinds of vinyl–from luxury vinyl tiles to vinyl sheets.

Before we clean your entire floor, we will test our products on a small area and then choose the cleaning methods based on our 5 years of expertise, always ensuring that we make the best decisions to restore the original lustre to your particular flooring.

After removing the grime from your surfaces, we’ll choose and apply a finish, such as wax, to coat and protect your floors. These finishes guard against scratches and other types of damage, especially for flooring that experiences heavy use, like in hospitals or schools. After we finish revitalizing your commercial floor surfaces, we hope they will astonish you!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to floor care, we know that carpets demand a distinctly different protocol than a hard surface needs. Carpets require specialized care since they experience different issues then hard commercial floors. Our services at Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC definitely include carpet cleaning, so you can count on one single company to care for all of your surfaces.

Our carpet-cleaning services include:

Hot water extraction: We use this technique to offer a deep clean and remove ground-in soil from even the oldest carpets. The heated vapor breaks down carpet grime, making it easy to extract from your floors. This method also kills bacteria, making it our preferred carpet-cleaning procedure.

Encapsulation: When you don’t need the deep-cleaning power of hot water extraction, we use encapsulation to trap dirt with a detergent. We then vacuum the powder from your floors, taking the dirt with it. This process often replaces shampooing for commercial flooring since it takes less time to dry.

Bonnet cleaning: If you have a well-maintained carpet, you may not need heavy-duty cleaning. Bonnet cleaning uses a spinning pad and cleaning solution to remove surface dirt quickly. This type of floor care offers the advantage of minimal drying time, which means clients will not need to wait to walk on your floors.

When you use Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC, you’ll see that we treat carpets with just as much care as any hard surface. We remove stains–no matter how old–and we offer floor care based on the type of carpet in your facility.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Near Me

When you need commercial floor cleaning services, turn to Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC. We have continued to provide exceptional cleaning services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that your business, institution, or organization stays safe.

During this time, if your facility needs additional janitorial work beyond your floors, Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC can also provide you with a range of commercial services to safeguard your health and that of your workers and clients. In addition to restoring your floors, we offer sanitizing and disinfecting services to keep your customers, employees, and students healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As a professional floor cleaning company, we abide by all OSHA and CDC regulations. We communicate with you to schedule our floor service day or night, based upon your schedule. Because we are not a franchise, we can offer flexibility and affordability that larger companies cannot, no matter the size of your business.

Contact us today or enter your zip code into the form on our website to get a free estimate, and tell us how we can help your facility make its best impression.

A thorough vacuuming will remove surface-level dirt and debris. But many times we’ll need to go deeper. Professional carpet cleaning using hot water extraction and industrial carpet shampoo will remove deep-down dirt. This is often a great way to restore color and bounce to high-traffic areas.

While each location is different, we generally recommend daily vacuuming along with monthly deep cleaning. This will not only improve the appearance of your carpeted areas but also extend their lifespan.

Unfortunately, carpets can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and even bugs. Regular carpet cleaning can remove allergens and other potentially harmful material.

Hardwood floors are beautiful but also often very expensive. Protect your investment by using only commercial floor cleaners to care for your hardwood.

We’ll analyze the exact surface and determine which type of cleaning chemicals will work best. Not only will we clean the floor, but we can use specific treatments to condition and preserve the wood. In many cases, we’ll even be able to repair existing damage

Laminate is an inexpensive, durable flooring material. But laminate also requires special care. We’ll determine your floors specific grade and material make-up. This allows us to then clean the floor without damage.

Shoe scuffs, shopping cart tire tracks, and spills are the three most likely causes of laminate floor damage. Fortunately, most of this damage can be repaired using the right products and techniques. We’ll even be able to help prevent future damage from occurring.

Tile and grout have a reputation for being tough to clean. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. We’re able to remove stains and build-up using specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction-based tools.

With the right expertise and equipment, grout and tile are actually fairly simple to clean. Don’t be surprised if your tile looks brand new. After the initial cleaning, routine maintenance is usually all that’s required to maintain a great appearance.

Have a different type of flooring? Chances are good we’ve seen it before. Our professional floor cleaning company can clean just about anything a person can walk on.

“We manage a large apartment complex and have been working with Heavenly for over 5 years. They are extremely hard working and paying attention to detail.”

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“I have been working with this company for several years and I have nothing but high praise for the cleaners that clean my offices.”

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